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Orange: (Rainforest Alliance Certified)

Concentrates, Purees & NFC's

Technical product information

The orange juice is a pure and natural product without additives and / or preservatives.
The juice is extracted by mechanical extraction from oranges and belongs to the family group Citrus sinensis
The minimum required brix value for freshly pressed juice is 10 Âº and is in accordance with the A.I.J.N. Code of Practice.

The juice can also be concentrated by evaporation of the water from the natural juice, thus reducing the number of brix value increases per unit. For concentrate is the generally accepted market standard, a corrected brix value from 65 Âº to 66 º.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified Orange Juice is produced and certified by the Rainforest Alliance Organisation. This product is allowed to bear the name of Rainforest Alliance Dertified Orange Juice, identified by the logo of the Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance Organization is working on the preservation of biodiversity and improving the living standards by promoting and monitoring the implementation of the world's most respected sustainability standards. RA-Cert, the Rainforest Alliance's certification division, is providing an adequate test of standards and certification of agriculture, which are designed to achieve ecological, social and economic benefits.

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