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Pear: (Organic)

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Technical product information

The pear juice is a pure and natural product without additives and / or preservatives.
The juice is extracted by mechanical extraction from pears and belongs to the family group Pyrus communis L.
The minimum required brix value for freshly pressed juice is 11 Âº and is in accordance with the A.I.J.N. Code of Practice.

The juice can also be concentrated by evaporation of the water from the natural juice, thus reducing the number of brix value increases per unit. For juice concentrate is the generally accepted standard mark, a brix value of 70 º. However, in case of concentrated pear juice, the juice for concentration must first be clarified. As a result, the pulp content is removed, so that we speak of clarified concentrated pear juice.

The Organic Pear Juice is produced and certified by a recognized European organic authority in the country of origin. This product must bear the name Certified Organic Pear Juice, characterized by the European Organic logo.

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