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Technical product information

The banana puree is a pure and natural product, basically no additives and / or preservatives.
The mash is extracted by mechanical extraction from bananas and belongs to the family group Musa x paradisiacal L. (plantains excluded). The minimum required brix value for freshly pressed puree is 20 Âº and is in accordance with the A.I.J.N. Code of Practice.

The mash can also be concentrated by evaporation of the water from the natural puree, so that the number of brix value increases per unit. For concentrate is the generally accepted market standard, a brix value from 28 Âº to 30 º.

For banana puree, there is mainly an additional preservative been made. The reason is that banana puree discolours quickly. To avoid this, or to slow it down, manufacturers often add ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) or citric acid / lemon juice. However, the buyer can still choose to receive a natural banana puree without additives.

The Fair Trade Banana Puree is produced according to the guidelines of the Fair Trade Labelling Organisation (F.L.O.) and is certified by FLO Cert GmbH in Bonn. This allows the product to bear the quality mark Fair Trade Certified Orange Juice and also characterized by the Fair Trade / Max Havelaar logo.

For each produced and sold Metric Tonne Banana Puree, the minimum selling price has been paid according the Fair Trade Standards.  To the relevant farmers organizations that produced the product, over the total selling volume, there will be paid on the minimum selling price an extra Fair Trade premium. In a democratic consultation, the farmer organizations shall define together how and where they want to reinvest these funds. Often these funds are spent on the development of the farmers organization and its environment. By developing the farmer organization, individual farmers getting a better market position for the product they're producing. At the same time the possibility is created to improve their own living standard.

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