Verbruggen Services

Verbruggen Services b.v.

Unburdening customs formalities!
Verbruggen Services gladly provides you with E.U. customs formalities and other related matters. A team of motivated people take care of all types of customs documentation and (limited) fiscal representation. Due to our quick and high service level, we are successful in custom matters as well as logistical matters. Kindness and customized solutions are always having our attention.

What can we do for you
Take care of all your E.U. customs matters. The various facets of your business deserve an expert, so do your customs matters. We're your expert! In connection with the diversity of rules and regulations inside and outside the E.U., your E.U. customs matters should be in specialized and reliable hands. The electronic processing of your customs / tax information, requires a lot of knowledge .

Why Verbruggen Services?

  • Perfect service regarding E.U. customs matters
  • Always assured of expert assistance
  • Customs clearance in accordance with the latest developments
  • Limited fiscal representation

Like to know more about Verbruggen Services?
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